ONAN Two Type Battery Packs For Your Option!

ONAN Push out two types of battery pack for players option, X-BP10 and X-BP20. The battery cells quantity are different inside. You can choice the suitable version for your booster!

No matter which version you chosen, the power and speed to the booster is the same!



Cool Style, Fashion Way Out By ONAN Electric Skateboard Booster

If you haven't experienced electric skateboards, I sincerely invite you to join us, to feel the speed and passion of electric skateboards which bring to us!

From Funky Drive ( http://electro-longboard.de/ )


New V3 Mainboard for X Series Skateboard Booster

Good News!~ To the new V3 mainboard of X1 have added Hall system, X1 already improved as below:  

1) Support Zero Start function, which means no need to kick if customer does not want to kick, he can just stand on and go. The benefits are:    

- New electric skateboard player is more easy to learn it, and more easy to get fun!    

- Reduce the action of kick and push, when face the traffic lights or passages, just brake and restart.

- Let professional skateboard player to make more fancy moves with Zero Start function.

2) Precise control the current of motor and mainboard, reduce the working temperature of mainboard and motors, and prolong the service life of the motherboard and motors.

3) Reduce a lot on mainboard automatic power off issue, which cause by circuit protection, during driving on bumpy road, or climbing.  

4) Longer distance, due to the current of system is more stable, power consumption is less before. As per our test to new system X1, w/X-BP20 battery (20pcs cells, 158.4WH), our tester 65 KGS on flat asphalt road, it was drove about 24-27 KMS. Even w/X-BP10 battery (10pcs cells, 90WH), the mileage is 11-14 KMS.