Welcome You to Our Booth! - ONAN Team

Dear Customers,
It is our pleasure to inform you that our company will attend 2017 Springtime Global Sources Consumer Electrics Fair in Hong Kong. If fortunate enough to meet you at our booth, it will be our great honor! Our exhibition information is as below:
Company Name:         Guangzhou WOW Electronics Technology Co., Ltd
Products:                     ONAN X2, X3 Electric Skateboard Booster
Date:                            April 11-14th, 2017
                                    Global Sourses Phase 1: Consumer Electronics Hall 2
Booth No.:                   2G46
Exhibition Location:     AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong

Sincerely look forward to your visit and searching for the further cooperation!


About Big Aluminum Frame of the ONAN Skateboard Booster

ONAN has always insisted on using one-piece molding of the aluminum frame for its skateboard booster. But maybe you don't know, this one-piece molding of aluminum frame mold development cost is very high. Only for this frame, the mold development cost needs about 50,000 US dollars. Meantime, the cost of aluminum material is much higher than the plastic material.

So why we still insist on using this technology to develop the frame of X1, X2, and X3?

More Beautiful Design. The shape of the aluminum frame makes the whole product looks more streamline. At the same time, when you touch and feel the aluminum body, it will feels like strong muscle, rigid and solid.

Durable. As the whole frame is one-piece aluminum, including the base plate and installation area. Even facing of strong vibration on road, or falling from stair, or strong impact, the whole body will not break.

Excellent motherboard cooling effect. Aluminum material always be goods at heat dissipation. And we use this advantage, installing the motherboard contact aluminum body through heat dissipation material, so that the motherboard heat can be lead to the outside directly, greatly reducing the heat of the system, and extend the motherboard life.

Light weight. Aluminum material is not strong, at the same time, it is a kind of light weight material, making ONAN minimum net weight only 3.5 KGS.

So we think this one-piece molding of the aluminum frame is the best technology option for skateboard booster. On the other hand, ONAN do not want to cut product corners to exchange for higher profits.

If you expect to buy high quality skateboard booster, one-piece molding of the aluminum frame booster will be your correct choice!


Surfing Across CBD of Guangzhou Cool!!!

I am here, in the center of Guangzhou, which  is a historic but beautiful city, and world different cultural gatherings here, make Guangzhou turn into multicultural, prosperous and modernization city!!! 

I love Guangzhou, and we welcome you to join us to surfing here and enjoy the food and life here!!!


ONAN X3 is coming - Colorful life and Colorful Electric Skateboard!

ONAN will launch X3 electric  booster as 2017 flagship model for young customers. Favorable prices, but stable quality and high performance. Now we begun to accept the reservation orders, the expected delivery time is 20th, March 2017.

X3 details information link: