Happy travel! Pay more attention to driving safety!

During enjoy the pleasure and convenience bring by ONAN electric skateboards booster, at the same time, we also need you to pay more attention to the safety driving. And the following matters we need to pay more attentions:

1. Please be sure to wear safety helmet and safety gears

2. Before travel, please check whether all parts of the screw tightening, including back motor wheel screws, front wheel screws, and the big screws under the motor outside cover. (If don't have related tools, you can purchase all the tools on the market easily). And do not forget to adjust appropriately to the screws on the truck.

3. Please fully charge the battery pack and remote control in advance, to avoid the embarrassment caused by lack of electricity during the trip.

4. When installing the battery pack, make sure that the battery pack is securely held and that battery pack button is fully jump out to the right position.

5. Please obey local laws and regulations to dispose and transport battery.

6. Avoid to driving at high speed or climbing at low battery power.

7. Do not try to drive at night, special when lack of lights.

8. Do not try to drive on the bad road conditions

9. Under the complex environment of road conditions, please slow down the speed and avoid vehicles and pedestrians.

10. Please do not drive in rainy day

11. Please do not fatigue driving, and pay attention to proper rest during the traveling

Finally, hope ONAN electric skateboards booster can bring you a happy and complete travel!


Nice Work! Nice Skateboard! @iamjohnyoo

Thanks for your support, John! It is really nice skateboard! And hope you can enjoy your riding with ONAN Booster! : )


To be continued....