ONAN Booster Already Granted Utility Patent!

Special Notice! ONAN X series electric skateboard booster Utility Patents have been approved, the information is as follows:

Patent Number: ZL201620285835.0
Date of Patent Application: 2016-04-06
Authorization Announcement Date: 2016-09-21

Below are related documents:

  1. China Utility Patents Certificate
  2. Granted Utility Patent Notice
  3. Utility Patent Application Form

X series boosters are independent research and development, Independent design, which owned to Guangzhou WOW Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

China Utility Patents Certificate

Granted Utility Patent Notice

Utility Patent Application Form


New Hot Fresh Electric Skateboard For Market!

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What's In The Box of ONAN X2?

Today, let us open the box of X2 model!~ : )

What a nice black color! 

After open the box, we can see the first layer

Then it is the second layer, battery is here!

Let is take a picture together! 

In The Box:
- X2 Electric Booster x1
- X-BP10/X-BP20 Battery Pack x1
- Remote Control x1
- Front Wheels And Truck x1
- Charging Adaptor And Cable for Booster  x1
- Charging Cable for Remote Control x1
- Shock Absorption Gasket x 1
- Installation T-tools x 1
- Instruction Manual x 1


Onan X2 Funky Drive, Can You Feel Hot Blood on Your Electric Skateboard?

Onan X2 Funky Drive, the best option for your board decks! 

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ONAN Electric Booster On 2016 Hong Kong GS Autumn Fair Successful Closed!

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New Experience For Electric Skateboard in Skateboard Pack!~

It is a new experience for our X1 electric skateboard be played in Skateboard Pack!~ Boy and Girls like X1 very much, easy to learn, but happy to ride!~