Last shipment delivered in last working day!

In the last working day before The Chinese Spring Festival, we would like to thanks all of our colleagues, who can still hold their working position to complete the production of the goods, and delivered the final shipment for customer smoothly.

Hereby, we ONAN wish all of our colleague good luck and great success in the coming New 2017 Year.


ONAN Holiday Announcement of 2016-2017 Spring Festival

Dear Customers:

Thanks for your concern and care for such a long time. According to the production arrangement, our company has made a holiday plan for this coming holiday:

Spring Festival: Jan. 21th – Feb. 5th;
Resume normal work at: Feb. 6th

But if you have any urgent of special demand, please contact us freely, we will do our best to cooperate with you.

Happy Spring Festival! Thank you very much!

Jan. 18th, 2016


Korea Cute Electric Skateboard Boy!

8-year-old Korea boy, Jade, who didn't play skateboard. But when his father (a senior skateboard enthusiasts) bought him an ONAN skateboard drive, he master the electric skateboard only use 2-3 days.

Now every day he can not without his electric skateboard, during goes to school, shopping, or to the stadium, he will take it. For safety reasons, his father and mother, asked him must to wear safety helmets and protective gear before riding skateboard, and does not allow him to ride on the road, but only in the bikeway, or in park. At the same time, during this period, Jade generated a strong interest on the ordinary skateboarding also.

For Jade's father, there is another surprise, that is, not long time ago, he took Jade to go to skiing, and who never played snowboard before, but did not fall over even one time! So he thought playing the electric skateboard will also play a very good auxiliary role on the training of similar board sports! Or experience skiing pleasure at place without snow!

At last, they also encourage everyone can try to join the sport of new type of electric skateboarding, which really can bring you happiness and convenience!