IP65 Waterproof Electric Skateboard

We always been a discussion of a topic, how to identify waterproof ability of a electric skateboard. At the same time, electric skateboards are outdoor product for travel, or as a sports electric product. If the waterproof capacity is not high, the product life time will be greatly reduced, even more it is very dangerous to customers safety. Today we take a look at ONAN electric skateboard waterproof structure, and to see how ONAN design it.

First of all, let's take a look at the motherboard. Open the motherboard cover, we can see between the aluminum frame and the plastic cover has a waterproof silicone ring, and which pressed by 8 screws tightly, to achieve waterproof effect, usually this kind of design was use for the marine equipment or the product have high request for waterproof.

Closely look at the motherboard, we found that on the motherboard has a layer of protective coating, and this protective coating on the motherboard plays a very important role, which prevent water, water vapor, dust directly cover the motherboard, which will cause the motherboard short circuit.

On motor line pass holes, which are sealed very carefully. After talked with our technicist, they said the glue is called Kraft industrial adhesive, not only can be used for waterproof, it itself features are, UV, moisture, anti-aging, high temperature, even use 1 year, it will not fall off or broken.

The power button key - the button itself is waterproof. And during the assembling, there will be a rubber pressed tightly at the seam.

Now we look at the battery pack, the battery pack waterproof structure is same as the motherboard area. Between the covers, it added slicone ring and closed tightly thru 6 pcs screws.

And nearby the seams, we will fill the gap with the Kraft glue.

The connector between the booster and the battery pack, which use aviation waterproof connector. We can see at the inside of connector, there have a red silicone gasket at the bottom. When the battery pack is inserted, the female connector will tightly press the red silicone gasket to prevent water/dust get in.

At the same time at the bottom of the connector, we can see there is a black rubber gasket, which is used to prevent water and dust into the motherboard area.

For hub motor, we do really carefully design on it too. Firstly, sealed motor with covers, and design the motor with excellent heat dissipation structure, which can greatly reduce the bearing, motor, and control board contact with water and dust contact. it also can reduce the working temperature of the motor a lot, greatly extend the motor life.

Secondly, we brush the protective coating inside the motor magnet, iron and copper coils, and motor board to prevent the parts rust caused by internal water moisture.

Well, these are the waterproof & dustproof structure and treatment for ONAN booster, passed IP65 standard, which will let your electric skateboard more durable. But! But! But! It is not mean to 100% no water will get in at all. So we still do not recommend you to ride in the rain or on the road which have lots of water. Because it is very dangerous, and you still have possibility to damage your electric skateboard by get in water.

Well, finally, we hope ONAN products will give you a convenience on your trip, but also bring a safety ride!

P.S.: There are lots electric skateboard on the market which didn't do any treatment of water & dust proof, whether it is the lack of design capacity, or just want to cut corners. We believe it is not responsible for customers. We sincerely hope when you decide to buy electric skateboard, please be carefully compare the details of the product for you and your customers for a qualified electric skateboard!